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They're lethal, professional, their trainers are exacting and strict. They are the Commandos of Republic's Great Army. Bred by Kaminoan cloners from the same mold for one selfless purpose: follow orders to fight to the death. Their war against the droid army of the Confederacy of Independant Systems has had its ups and downs throughout the last year, and the tolls have been heavy. But in all their great deadly skills, the clones are also reluctantly fragile, and eager to explore the depth that bonding between their distinct personalities can bring, within the tragically limited lifespan that was afforded to them.

PsyClone is a Star Wars roleplaying community set in the time of the Clone Wars, shortly after the events depicted in the book Triple Zero. Officially, the boys have been on leave and are now returning to duty, training at Arca Barracks on Coruscant until assignments are given. Unofficially however, said leave was actually a successful counter-terrorist mission and the training is now a front for actual -and deserved- leave.

Still maintaining somewhat unorthodox contacts with their Jedi friends, the commandos of Omega and Delta squads start to ponder their place in the grand scheme of the galaxy, and the idea of free will is starting to sound like a not-so-alien concept. They also keep in touch with their Null acquaintances, as well as participate in the training of their new friend Corr, all under the watchful eyes of their former instructors, Kal Skirata and Walon Vau. Meanwhile, Skirata and Etain harbour a terrible secret.

As the name implies, PsyClone will explore the tumultuous psychological endeavours of the clones and their relation with each other. Yet there's still a war going on out there, and yes, stuff will blow up.

1. Spoilers: ...will be mentioned. Make sure you've at least read both books if you want to avoid them.

2. Slashing: This will be a slashing-encouraged RP! If you don't like your clones to be undergoing activities of the kinky nature and angst over their feelings for each other, please abstain.

3. Open characters: All characters listed below are open, unless already taken. Other Star Wars characters not on that list (such as Commander Cody, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Asajj Ventress, etc.) can be requested but we want to keep their presence a minimal ratio. Currently, only one or two will be accepted. First come first serve. Original characters are not allowed.

4. Multi-characters: Players are allowed to play more than one character, as long as they can sustain both in a reasonable fashion.

5. Level of activity: This is not a high-pressure game. Active posters are welcome to post often if they feel like it, but following up fairly regularly (once very other day, or every two days) on the threads you're involved with is really all that is asked.

6. Grammar: Please be mindful of your grammar, and do not use internet-slang. Mando'a words, however, are kandosii.

7. Rating: Posts can and will have varying degrees of graphic depiction, according to the players' wishes. Be advised of this as you join. Posts rated "R" MUST be tagged with warning labels in their headers.

8. How to post:
Thread posts should be made directly on the psyclone_rpg community. They should always have a header comprising of the following parts, followed by the main body of the posts, in an LJ-cut:

Who: (Which characters are to be involved in the thread, or "Open" if all are invited)
What: (The event that is to take place in this thread)
Where: (The location of the scene)
Rating: G, R<

Journal posts are made on each character's own journal. They are meant to represent (at least for clones) the army's personal log system. They are readable to all, and other characters may post comments on them. A journal entry can be marked "Private", in which case it may not be commented on. Journals can also be used to send messages to other characters.


Fill in the following application and post it here.

Your name:
AIM, MSN or Skype name (at least one):

Character being applied:
Journal name:
Short physical description (N/A if clone):
Short psychological description:
Example of a first-person post (at least four of five sentences):
Example of a third-person post (at least four of five sentences, in a narrative style, as if from a RC book):

After you've been accepted, create your journal, load some icons, friend all the other players, and have at it!

(Journal name, AIM, MSN, Sykpe)

Omega Squad
Atin rc_3222_atin
Darman pforplenty Famira Damaris
Fi smartest_mouth HeeroJF, bibeauj@musicalotaku.com (MODERATOR)

Delta Squad
Fixer elevenforty tesar_sebatyne@hotmail.com
Scorch exploding_wit Jai With Broom
Sev oh_sev Rinyavie, Liotale@hotmail.com (MODERATOR)


Other Military
Jaller Obrim
Kal Skirata
Lord Mirdalan flyingstrill Arkatrine
Walon Vau solemn_vau Arkatrine

Arligan Zey
Bardan Jusik
Etain Tuk-Mukan

Besany Wennen
Boba Fett

All characters not currenly taken are available for every active member to temporarily play as NPCs (non-playing characters). Say you really want a character nobody's playing to be involved in a scene, just go ahead play him then! The psyclone_npc account is a regular LJ account, like yours or mine, nor a separate community, and it is a member of PsyClone in every right. The difference is that it's not locked to any one particular character, or exclusive to just one user. Just make it clear who the identity of your character is each time you make a post with that account. Every player is free to use that account. The password is oya!vode.

It's also perfectly expected that some people will grow such a liking to an NPC that they'll end up requesting to play him permanently, at which point they become the sole owner of it, with a new, separate account.

This RPG has been running since September 14th 2006.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations portrayed in this RPG from "Star Wars" are the property of George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd., 20th Century Fox and others. No copyright infringement is intended.