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Character applications - PsyClone - A Star Wars Republic Commando RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
PsyClone - A Star Wars Republic Commando RPG

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Character applications [Sep. 9th, 2006|02:13 am]
PsyClone - A Star Wars Republic Commando RPG
To join psyclone_rpg, please post your application here. A moderator will contact you. Thank you for your interest!

[User Picture]From: arkatrine
2006-09-10 09:44 pm (UTC)
Your name: Arkatrine
Email: gsablack@msn.com
AIM: Arkatrine

Character being applied: Lord Mirdalan
Journal name: flyingstrill

Short physical description (N/A if clone): Mird has six legs, and is covered in loose, dull gold fur and almost always drooling. Mird is about a meter long, and has a large mouth filled with very sharp teeth. Mird is also androgynous, so it isn't either male or female.

Short psychological description: Mird is a hunter by nature, and enjoys stalking his prey almost as much as he loves being with Vau. Ruthless and childlike, Mird is as clever and derranged as his master, and will gleefully pounce on who (or what) ever he's told to.

Example of a first-person post (at least four of five sentences): Must observe little old man. He doesn't like master. Might hurt him like before. Must observe scarred young human. He still seems agressive to master. Must look for allys.

Example of a third-person post (at least four of five sentences, in a narrative style, as if from a RC book): Mird walked around Vau slowly, careful not to trip him, though still very quickly. One of the young humans said something, and from his tone it was supposed to be funny. Mird sensed Vau didn't like it, so Mird didn't like it either. Mird needed to watch him for Vau's sake.

(Walon will be along shortly, just gotta finish his application)
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From: smartest_mouth
2006-09-10 11:56 pm (UTC)
All looks good and I've already added you to the main page character list, except that your LJ account of flyingstrill doesn't exist yet, so I couldn't add it to the community proper. Let me know when you've created and I'll finish it up.
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